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Graduation Requirements

All students in Jeffco Public Schools are required to complete a minimum of 23 specific credit hours, as well as a "knowledge demonstration" of postsecondary workforce readiness in both English and math in order to graduate.

For more information, view the Arvada High School Registration Guide.

Capstone Projects

The Colorado Board of Education mandated minimum graduation requirements for the graduating class of 2021 and beyond. Each student at Arvada High School (AHS) will complete a capstone project to meet the graduation requirements. With AHS staff instruction and guidance and with student self-advocacy and leadership, graduates will benefit from this exciting endeavor.

Capstone Project Mission Statement

The AHS capstone project will provide a cumulative evaluation instrument to validate a graduating student’s ability to research from a variety of media, apply math in a workplace environment, write an analytical paper, design and complete a project, and teach others about the project through a formal presentation.

The capstone project allows each student the opportunity to demonstrate their years of educational experience. Math, language arts and 21st-century skills are showcased over the four years in their capstone class. The essential components include:

  • A physical product or service resulting from chosen fieldwork.
  • A qualitative research product and a written reflection of the entire project.
  • An oral presentation accompanied by a portfolio, which synthesizes the first two components and is presented before a panel composed of district or school staff, students and community members.

To be successful, students must complete each component. Furthermore, this experience cannot rely solely upon what students already know but must demonstrate an aspect of new learning and growth.

Graduation Requirements in Jeffco

Colorado and Jeffco Public Schools are committed to educating students so they enter the workforce with in-demand skills that meet business, industry and higher education standards. According to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), jobs that require training beyond high school are growing three times as fast as those that don't require training.

The graduating class of 2022 and beyond must meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 23 credit hours in required courses and
  • Demonstrate Postsecondary Workforce Readiness (PWR) for at least one measure in reading, writing and communicating; and one measure in mathematics.

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Students should contact their counselor with questions.